Evidar Interiors

Beautiful Streamlined Shaker Kitchen


This kitchen showcases a sleek and contemporary design, characterised by its muted grey cabinetry that offers a modern take on classic style. The cabinets, with their clean lines and sleek handled fronts, lend a minimalist aesthetic that is elegant and functional. The kitchen’s design cleverly maximises storage with spacious sliding drawers and dual-level upper cabinets that adorn the walls. In pride of place, a generous sink sits beneath a window, offering an inviting perspective for those moments spent at the sink.

At the heart of the kitchen’s layout is the latest in culinary technology: a built-in oven and gas hob that promise efficiency and style. The kitchen’s layout is thoughtfully designed, with a central wooden butcher block island that provides a warm contrast to the cool tones of the cabinetry and doubles as a casual dining spot with chic folding chairs. The flooring, a striking slate tile, anchors the space with its earthy tones and varied textures, enhancing the overall sophistication of the kitchen. This kitchen is designed for those who appreciate the art of cuisine and the beauty of modern design. Our Harrogate clients were thrilled with their new kitchen, expressing that it exceeded their every expectation.