Evidar Interiors

Characterful Shaker Kitchen


This kitchen strikes a refined balance between opulence and practicality, offering a space where style and function are in perfect harmony. The charcoal grey cabinetry provides a rich, contemporary feel, accentuated by the luxurious gloss finish of the worktops. Functionality is at the forefront with high-end, stainless-steel appliances, including an advanced refrigerator and a professional-grade cooktop that promise both efficiency and a sleek integration into the overall design. Our design team have maximised every inch of this space with carefully crafted cabinetry and a beautifully concealed larder offering plentiful storage for essential items.

The curved lines of the cabinetry add fluidity to the space, softening the modern edges and inviting a more organic feel into the room. The layout is meticulously planned, with ample worktop space for food preparation and sophisticated storage solutions that tuck away utensils, maintaining the kitchen’s streamlined look. The aesthetic is completed with a monochrome colour scheme, allowing plush seating and vibrant floral arrangements to stand out, adding a pop of colour and texture. This kitchen is not just a cooking area but a statement of elegance, designed to cater to the needs of a busy household while also serving as a stunning backdrop for entertaining guests.