Evidar Interiors

Ultramodern Handleless Kitchen


This exquisite shaker kitchen, adorned in a serene white finish, maximises every nook and cranny of its space. Our clients chose an L-shaped layout, accompanied by a centrally placed island that offers extra storage capacity. Chrome hardware and accents infuse a sense of brightness and airiness into the room.

To add a touch of tradition, a classic bridge mixer takes pride of place in front of the window. The cabinetry boasts a pristine finish with a stylish grey composite stone worktop. The glossy texture of the worktop seamlessly complements the chrome accents, introducing depth and texture to the kitchen aesthetic. Subtle under-cabinet lighting further enhances the spacious feel and conveniently showcases items on the worktop, ensuring easy access. Finally, the island serves as the focal point, dominating the centre of the room. It not only provides extra storage but also functions as a social hub for gathering and dining.