Evidar Interiors

Warm And Bright Shaker Kitchen


This kitchen is the epitome of stylish functionality, where state-of-the-art appliances and thoughtful design blend to create an effortlessly chic cooking environment. The layout is efficient, with a seamlessly integrated washing machine and a cutting-edge oven strategically positioned to enhance culinary workflow. The cabinetry, adorned in a soothing cream hue, provides a gentle visual contrast to the sophisticated black of the appliances, making a subtle yet impactful design statement.

A wooden worktop infuses a sense of warmth and natural charm, creating a welcoming ambience that resonates with the rich wooden flooring beneath. The serene pastel green walls act as a serene backdrop, bringing a tranquil and airy feel to the space. Bar seating adds a contemporary touch, perfect for casual dining or morning coffee. Amidst these aesthetic choices, the kitchen doesn’t shy away from high-tech functionality. It is equipped with the latest kitchen technologies, blending convenience with style. This kitchen strikes a balance between innovative technology and traditional design elements, creating a functional yet cosy heart of the home.